Well last year in recruitment, GDPR, AI, Space, Cryptocurrency and Fintech were tipped as the sectors that would experience growth.   This year its Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Fintech, Space, Blockchain and Creative industries (see Sonovate's article below).   

I wanted to focus on the Creative Industry, as we focus on roles requiring creativity and innovation, within the travel and hospitality industry.   

The UK's creative industries contributes £92B to the economy (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) and the DCMS show that in 2017 the number of people employed within the creative industries stood at just over two million, accounting for 6% of all UK jobs. The growth of the sector is expected to continue and could be worth £128.4billion to the UK economy by 2025 and help to create up to a million jobs by 2030.  

Creativity is also resilient to automation, unlike Manufacturing!    

So roles will be a plenty in Advertising, Marketing, Design, Publishing, and of course digital.   There is an increasing overlap with the media and IT sectors in relation to the use of digital technology to produce and deliver creative content. This is noticeable in roles such as web design.

As creative industries are growing faster than any other sector in the UK, there will continue to be a real demand for talented candidates with creative flair. This can only be seen as positive news for the travel, leisure and hospitality industry.