@jessicafeiyaliTechCrunch. I would recommend CrowdCube as another place to track companies looking for investment. 

shares some great ideas about the best ways for non-technical talent to move into Deep Tech in a post on

As a hiring manager I always valued my recruitment partners for making me aware of someone new to the market. Knowing our business as well as they did, they would identify people that they felt could add real value to the business. 

Even when we were not actively recruiting, there was an opportunity that with the right person, we could bring forward some of our roadmap or new product goals, earlier than expected. 

Some of the best people I saw were from extremely different industries, but were able to communicate really succinctly what their strengths were and how they could benefit my organisation. They were also invested. Invested in what we did and wanting to work with us to achieve our ambitions.