Being a  ‘millennial’ myself I found the article ‘Ins and Outs of Millennials’ in this week’s Business Travel Magazine interesting. Apparently by 2025 75% of the workforce will be represented by millennials and it is this causing travel managers to rethink how they run and build programmes. Our independent thinking, impatience and collaborative approach bares the scary concept of employees wanting to work with you and not for you.

Our understanding of technology is normally a lot more proficient to our older colleagues and therefore we are more accepting to change. However we do take it for granted due to it being the norm to us. We are also very much about the quality of life and work-life balance, only 29% of us expect to work regular office hours.  We want to advance faster up the career ladder and 60% of us leave jobs within two years after finding better opportunities, experiencing as much as possible with a big desire to learn on the job.