As technology improves and the introduction of robots who can ultimately do half the things we as humans can, it was only so long before recruitment fell into this. Gone are the days when you used to walk into a building with your CV in hand asking if they had any vacancies. 

Thankfully now we can see live job adverts and apply easily at our desks or even just contact a recruiter via email. But how far can we push this? Recruitment is as James explains a personal process, so eliminating this and using technology to filter CV's - how are you going to get what's best for either the candidate or client?

We look at each application we receive individually, we contact, call and even meet our candidates to provide the best level of service we can. If the role they have applied for isn't right for them, we keep in contact for other or future possibilities that could be of interest. 

 ' Technology has its part to play, but as a supporting actor rather than a lead'