As the theme highlights below it's about advocating the virtues of balance and diversity rather than simply banging the drum for women to be more prominent in business. 

Looking at the travel industry there are increasingly more and more females in senior management positions. There are also more female MD's and CEO's, BUT there remains a serious disproportion versus males. The trend is moving in the right direction though.

When I look at the three businesses that I am most involved in personally there's a quite a disparity of gender balance. 

Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment has a female MD, and until very recently I was the only male in the business. That's not very balanced, so it was good when Richard joined the business last year. 

At Arena Travel the vast majority of the senior managers in the business are female, but the board is heavily male dominated. I don't think that's good particularly when around 65% of our customers are female.

Finally at Melt Content the balance feels much better.