Interesting article last week regarding staff shortages in the travel industry.  Agree with both Jacqueline Dobson and Alistair Rowland that recruitment should be on the top of travel business's agenda and that an industry wide approach is required.  If travel companies want to attract the best talent in the market, we need to create a reputation as a great industry where candidates aspire to work.  After all, travel broadens peoples minds; they learn about different cultures and values, and of course its fun - not like selling toilet rolls!  

But it's not just about acquiring new talent, travel companies should ensure they are engaging and supporting their employee's development wherever they are in their employee journey.  Its now down to HR, IT and Facilites to work together to create great workspaces to support D&I, Health & Wellbeing programmes, L&D and Flexibility, and help employees navigate themselves in this new environment.   

This is exactly why we have launched Best Workplaces in Travel with Purple Cubed, workplace culture experts.  This is unique to our industry in that it is the only survey and event focused on feedback from travel company's employees.  The survey gives you insights and data to report and act on how your employees are feeling, as their expectations have changed.  The insights obtained collectively by the Travel Companies entering will allow our industry build back better and raise the profile of our belived travel industry.   

At our event on the 4th May, we will be inviting those companies who have entered to learn about the industry wide insights.  In the room we will invite colleges and universities who work closely with the industry, alongside the media and other influencers.