As a past employee of Virgin Atlantic and a past regular traveller the term "Clubhouse" always evoked pleasant thoughts as it referred to the airline's Upper Class lounge. Clubhouse in the new virtual world in which we have all been mainly living in this past year now refers to something very different. It's a new social media app which is invite only, giving it that air of exclusivity, though it can't be that exclusive if I've managed to gate crash it. From what I can tell from my two week's of experience is that it appears to be mainly business and tech focused, although I have also noticed there are some rooms (virtual) where there's online dating taking place. 

On positive note it's a great forum with real immediacy for getting your point across, getting yourself noticed, and building your personal or business brand. The counter to all this is that it's yet another distraction on your phone with pop-up messages luring you away from your work, to compete with WhatsApp and other channels that will dominate your attention if you lack self discipline like I do. For the time being though it's new and worth engaging with, so get yourself an invite.