Interesting here Sadiq as tech roles more often than not require a background in science, maths and technology.   These subjects in schools and universities are still very male-dominated.   I would advise businesses not be narrow-minded when assessing people’s experience.

For example, if you look at Yahoo and its employee's background and education of the women working within its audience solutions division, whilst  some came from an obvious route such as maths there are also people that studied humanities and other more creative subjects.

Dora Michail, Yahoo’s senior director of audience solutions EMEA, for example studied English Literature but went into advertising and followed the technical piece as it was the part she found the most interesting.   She has an analytical mind and naturally inquisitive.  She has the less common ability to combine analytical and creativity which is key when it comes to advertising. This also applies to digital marketing roles.  

Tamara Heber-Percy at Mr & Mrs Smith leads the tech strategy including heading up an in-house dev team, whilst her joint co-founder James Lohan drives the "sexy" brand strategy. 

In Expedia, I was last year in dialogue with with Elizabeth Eastaugh who is their Director Technology - Offer Services, Checkout.  She also drives their diversity strategy.  

So I think in the world of digital travel, we are definitely making waves.