Some great advice on how you re-enter work and maximise your performance from Bill Murphy.  

Seems like everybody has been or is now away during the summer holiday season in the UK!  I have been fortunate enough to take lots of long weekends away throughout the year, but not the normal week or even two week block :(   

With a long weekend I do get a break as the emails slow down on a Saturday and Sunday.  I use the flight time on Friday and Monday to catch up with emails so tend not to be bogged down with hundreds upon my return.    

Having said this, when I do take my annual holiday in October, I will still check my emails but tend to discipline myself to checking these for half an hour each morning.   Then switch the "mail" function off until the next day.   If there was a real disaster, my office can call me!   This still allows me to recharge my batteries and come back to work fully refreshed.