I rarely get Sunday night blues.   But I guess I love my job; it clearly helps when you run the business. Having said this, there is the apprehension of what is to be achieved, not just on Monday morning, but throughout the whole week.   Below is advice for beating that end-of-weekend anxiety.  My Sunday is spent catching up with friends and family  (Saturday is more about housework, shopping and chores). 

Early Sunday evening, I prepare myself for the week ahead.   I tend to tidy up and prioritize my inbox, make a realistic things to do list, book my gym/pilates sessions, organise any travel arrangements required, do my financials, and get my work bag ready.   

Then its upstairs for a relaxing bath and pamper with a glass of milk (my bone density is dire!)     

I then go to bed and read the rest of the Sunday papers (not on a tablet but in print)!  

Equally important is to organise little things to look forward to throughout the upcoming week, and even the following weekend as this can help to soothe some of your Sunday-evening dread.   

In extreme cases of Sunday evening blues, perhaps you need to think whether it is time to get a new job!