Interesting article clearly setting setting out the employer's and employee's rights when it comes to bank holidays. So much legislation! My view, for what it is worth, is that bank holidays are old fashioned, inflexible and should be demolished; we ought to be able to take our allowance when we want. This would restrict our lovely travel company clients hiking up the prices over the bank holiday weekend for one! Also we certainly wouldn't miss the traffic queues and the packed rail journeys.

Bank Holidays were introduced in the 1930's to give society a break however with advancement of technology and economy, that has changed. If you want to eat, shop, or do your banking, then you can do, at any time online on a bank holiday.

Of course you might be a traditionalist and bulk at the thought of abolishing this tradition. Perhaps with our new PM and indeed Brexit, we could even look at a reform?

Food for thought - well Easter is almost upon us so indulge in some chocolate!