It's my birthday today, and I decided to celebrate with my team.  I could have taken the day off as i run my own business, but instead I chose to treat the team to cake and bubbles and take them to a rooftop bar near our WeWork office.  Interesting article here about perks being important as well as pay.  Congratulations to these 15 companies highlighted as awesome when it comes to perks.   We are a small business, which allows the team the freedom to work flexibly in terms of location and hours.    If they need time out to look after children or ageing parents, then this not a problem.    I am focused on their output but also care about their well being.   We also give the team a duvet day and a day off for their birthday.   Its this type of working culture that builds trust and drives loyalty within our business.  We encourage our clients to do likewise.   BTW, WeWork also provides the team with free beer after 4pm (not that my team are in the office post 4pm as they want to avoid the rush hour).