Steve Cordiner’s recent article on LinkedIn makes an interesting read.   He is absolutely spot on in terms of the need of a clearly defined vision and indeed a mission statement to match.   It can be challenging when it comes to getting colleagues to work towards the same goal, as we all have our own minds and agendas.  His last paragraph brings me to introduce BeTalent, which is a unique talent management and intelligence application.  Do you have the right leaders for your business's future?  We work with our travel industry clients to identify the criteria for future leaders and then select the right tool to assess the fit of your leaders to deliver the future goals and strategy of that organisation.    

BeTalent is not like any of the traditional off-the-shelf assessment products currently in the market.  It's modern and agile with each solution tailored to our individual client.  

I do however think however that as a business grows, the employees and skills you have on day one, may not necessarily be the ones you require in a business that is gearing up for an exit.