Happy New Year!   Well I am definitely one of those back on the protein shakes and in the gym this week after what seemed like the longest ever break over the festive period.   Many of our travel clients shut down for almost ten days, giving employees a much needed break.   We did the same.   The downtime provides time to relax and recharge, but it also helps employees reassess their current lifestyle. It may be contemplating moving homes, evaluating personal relationships, or indeed considering a career change.

January is also a great time to think about learning new skills, expanding your network, and finding the life/work balance you perhaps had during the Xmas break. 

Interesting stats from Lisa Evans at MyJobQuote.co.uk where she cited that one in four Britons are either hoping to secure a different job or change up their career paths altogether in the New Year.

Additionally, 16% are seeking an internal promotion from their current employer to keep them happy in their existing role.

Again I read an article where it stated that 1 in 4 switch jobs because of their commute and lack of flexibility to work from home.   Money is not the key driver.  

With increasing commute times and new year hike in rail fares, it is unsurprising that candidates are looking to trade in the lengthy commutes for the ability to work flexibly.

In a Survey we conducted last year across a wide number of brands in the Travel Industry, we found the number of Companies who have a flexible working policy in place, or employ staff on a flexible basis is high. 

Check out:  https://www.gailkennyrecruitment.com/flexible-resources/