Great to see that companies recognise the benefit of offering softer benefits to employees.   The life concierge benefit to me is similar to have a centralised PA or Support role internally.   

The free food benefit is a great idea to promote health and well being.   This along with offering access to the best in market gyms, is key to unlocking  productive, happy working cultures. resulting in reduced sickness absenteeism.  

Two travel companies get a mention.  Firstly @Travelzoo, where is offers its employees £1,000 to spend on travel every year.  Surely, this is easily achieved by just reducing remuneration upon appointment. Or using its buying power with travel partners to buy in holidays for its workforce.  Either way it is a smart initiative.  

Secondly, global mobility benefit is offered by @Skyscanner which again I would expect from an international tech business.  

Holiday entitlement has also become a key factor when accepting a new role.   Nobody wants 20 days anymore!   Again this is a softer benefit, and costs very little!

@GailKennyrec hot desk @WeWork where free coffee is of course offered (and beer after 4pm!).   But more important to the team is our attitude to flexible working.  It doesn't matter what hours you work, or where you are in the world - its about our output and results.