I have always listened to the radio in the background when working with the Gail Kenny recruitment team, and now working remotely on my own, I continue to do so.  I also have made a positivity playlist on Spotify which includes  Fluorescent Adolescent by the Artic Monkeys, Mr Blue Sky by ELO, I'm Still Standing by Elton John and Don't Stop Believing by Journey.   Which tunes motivate you during the day?   

Outrageously we used to get charged to listen to the radio in the workplace.  Apparently you have to have a licence according to PPL PRS.  I wonder how they approach people WFH?   

A bit of light reading by Sophie Parrott at HR Grapevine and findings by Sodexo Engage

With employees continuing to work from home amid the pandemic, it is possible that some will listen to tunes to help them get through the working day.  But is your current playlist or go-to music choice helping you to maximise your productivity while working remotely?  New research from Sodexo Engage revealed the music to help staff feel most productive at work.