A very insightful article by Anne Dolan, Co-Founder of Clink Hostels who shares her thoughts on diversity on PhocusWire

I also believe that you cannot get done what you cannot measure.   

Our industry has made waves in terms of diversity and inclusion, and indeed sustainability, but there still a long way to go when it comes to the hiring process, including the comms around it.   

This isn't just about gender; its about age, race, and disability.   I read recently that only 1/3rd of leaders in travel industry is identified as BAME.     

We should by now fully appreciate the benefits of a diverse workforce.  The stats below clearly demonstrates these.   Research shows that organizations with greater levels of diversity outperform their competitors.

We, at Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment, as part of our search process, help our clients build diversity within their organisations.  We strongly advise our clients to choose a diverse short list, without jeapordising the quality of course.  This isn't about tokenism.  

Attitudes have, and continue to change, and I believe that finally we are moving in the right direction within the travel, hospitality and leisure industry.