I was rather surprised that the media have not made more of this story - that Airbnb plans to add not just "trips" but also flights and other package options to its proposition.

Airbnb has been a genuine "disruptor" in the travel industry. It's unique accommodation offering has opened up new markets and encouraged people to travel who may not have done so otherwise. It has been a ubiquitous demand generator.

The "trips" elements seems to make sense, but adding flights makes it feel like an traditional OTA and pitches it up against the might of Expedia. Will there be something innovative about the way that they will offer flights? I certainly hope so. 

Arguably the world's biggest and most successful online accommodation aggregator is Booking.com, and whilst they have diversified by acquiring a flight meta search business (Kayak), a restaurant booking engine (Opentable), and a car rental aggregator (Rentalcars.com), it has resisted so far in amalgamating these businesses as a one-stop-shop OTA.

Airbnb has always lead and never followed the crowd. It will be interesting to see how this new intention develops.