The article below based on research from Fidelity International suggests that due to the increased flexible working patterns developing during lockdown, there will be a more balanced sharing of childcare responsibilities in the future, as we emerge out of lockdown. 

I hope this is the case, as I am big believer in the benefits of flexible working.  There is no doubt, in my mind, that businesses will be far more open to working from home options now that they can see the increased productivity that it drives. 

I know many people who are working much longer hours in lockdown, because they don't have the lost hours and stress of commuting. In my opinion there are people who have a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and drive to achieve, and these people will work hard whatever their circumstances. And there are people who don't have these virtues, who will not work as hard even if they are sat in an office and under the gaze of their colleagues or bosses. 

However I am concerned that the conclusion of the article below will not necessarily turn out to be the case, because from the people that I know, it's the females who are bearing the brunt of the childcare responsibilities during lockdown.  This feels like a backward step, but hopefully it's only a temporary thing, and with schools starting to re-open, more mothers will be free to deploy their talent and continue their careers.